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We are constantly updating pictures and registration papers.  If you don't find what you are looking for, please email me or check back.

'00 BH Roan Smuggler  Sire:  SSC Duster Hancock  Dam:  Banjos Showtime (Two Eyed Jack) 2000 gelding, started in Joseph, Oregon. Spent last winter on Nevada Ranch. Just came home from a month roping with Bucky Campbell.  Young, not seasoned, but ready to enter jackpots with slower cattle.  This is a very good one. Fast, does his job extremely well and likes it.  $8,000 now.  The price will increase as he seasons and wins money. 
'02 Smug Roan Surprise  Sire:  BH Smug  Dam:  Yellow Hurley Hancock bred mare. 
SZ Diamond Tivio.jpg (128577 bytes)
'02 SZ Diamond Tivio  Sire:  Taylormade Tandy Two  Dam:  Tivio Diamond Dee
Friendly, smart, quick and easy to saddle and catch. I got him as an extra package when I bought his mother. Heel horse, calf horse, cutting horse bred and style.
'02 SZ Ole Smug Reed  Sire:  The Ole Eagle Dam:  BH Showbiz Hancock
'03 SZ Roan Eagle  Sire:  The Ole Eagle  Dam:  BH Showbiz Hancock


'03 Smug 625  Sire:  BH Smug  Dam:  BH Hancock Charmer
'03 Spot Smug Cash  Sire:  BH Smug  Dam:  BH San Peppy Cash 
'03 Cut Circus Eagle
'03 Diamond Dinner Eagle
'04 Eagle TJ
'04 HHC Major Credit
'04 Ima Ole Rawhide
'04 Ole Circus
'04 Smug Cash
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